Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually →

This has been a long time coming.  I worked for best buy back in 2000 and can personally account for what I saw as the begging of the end.  Best Buy cares more about pushing high margin services over actually providing their customers with a pleasant experience.

If you’ve ever had anything delivered to your house from Best Buy, you should know first hand how insane the process is.  You have to schedule a delivery and a separate installation appointment.  Just to have a TV and stand delivered and installed, you need to make three different appointments and pay three different fees.

Finding an employee that knows what they are talking about is difficult.  The company pays close to minimum wage and offers no commissions while essentially forcing employees to pitch high profit Geek Squad services that do absolutely nothing for the customer.  This is akin to getting an oil change and having the mechanic tell you that you need your transmission fluid flushed with their special machine (that car manufacturers claim is unnecessary.)  Even if you do buy their warranties, good luck actually getting them to honor it.

At the end, Best Buy was maybe a victim of their own success operating on an outdated business model.  They beat out every other similar retailer that was stuck in yesteryear but if they can’t figure out how to move on into the 21st century, it’s over.

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